10 Tips for getting organized during a December move


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Moving doesn’t always happen at the most convenient time—you may be joining the military, getting a job transfer, or going through any other life event. We all know that moving or packing over the holidays isn’t fun. Even so, quite a few families relocate throughout the fall and winter months. We understand how stressful it may be to relocate around the holidays. Getting organized during a December move is particularly hard. However, we’ve learned a few things over the years, so we hope these December moving suggestions will assist. If you’re relocating around Christmas, you may still enjoy the festivities with your family and friends. If you’re looking for Long Distance Movers Dallas, know we are here to make your move as drama-free as possible.

A family decorating a Christmas tree
Moving during the holidays is hard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still be in the holiday spirit

Tips for getting organized during a December move

1. Schedule a month in your calendar if possible

Use your calendar to work backward from the time you have left before you have to relocate. Allow yourself at least three or four weeks to pack your home, or hire a moving company to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Making haste will simply increase the level of anxiety, which is already high during this time of year.

2. Organize a Christmas party away from home

Make sure you don’t completely miss out on the holidays. You need time to unwind and rejoice throughout the relocation. While it may be tempting to invite your entire family over for the holidays, rethink the invitations if you’re relocating around this time. Consider hosting Christmas gatherings at your new house next year if you can. Keep your guests’ expectations reasonable if you want to continue entertaining them. Consider getting a caterer or having fewer guests so that you don’t have to do as much cooking. You may even host potlucks where everyone provides a dish.

3. Set a strategy for packing gradually to minimize burnout

Once your Christmas schedule is set, you may begin planning which rooms you’ll be able to stow away for the season. In the absence of visitors, why not start packing your closets, guest rooms, and storage areas? Set up a temporary staging space for moving boxes and supplies in a guest bedroom or storage room to save the rest of your home from becoming an obstacle course to moving boxes. Since getting organized for a December move is so complex, another option would be to contact downtown movers Dallas for help with packing and moving in order to save yourself the hassle.

4. It’s okay if you don’t bring all your Christmas decorations

Homeowners often overlook non-essentials like Christmas decorations and storage goods until they have started packing. During the holidays, glance around your house and see what you’ll need and what you’ll be able to use in the future. Reduce your Christmas decorations this year and stick to a wreath on the front door and one tabletop tree in the living room. Even if you’re moving, you won’t have to completely give up on the festive season thanks to a few simple decorations. It will be simpler to move if you can pack as much as you can now. If you’re moving into a new house, make sure to number your boxes and label them with room names so you’ll know which ones to unpack first.

Christmas decorations
If you have to move quickly, try not to bring too many decorations.

5. Factor in any unexpected relocation expenses

If you’re planning on relocating during the holidays, be prepared to pay a premium in order to get moving services. Since people and businesses tend to be more forgetful around the holidays, it’s important to double-check your bookings several days before your departure. Confirm the dates and costs of your move by calling your moving company or truck rental agency. Make sure you have a copy of everything in a binder or on your phone in case you need it on the day of the move. You can contact our cheap movers for an affordable rate all year round.

6. Take advantage of Black Friday and other holiday specials to get moving items at a discount

Make a note of the utilities, home services, and other service transfers you’ll need to make when getting organized during a December move. On Black Friday, following Thanksgiving, and throughout the month of December, check out your local home office supply stores for deals on moving goods such as boxes and packing tape.

7. Don’t forget to color-code moving boxes

Is it a good idea to provide a room number for each of your moving boxes? Color-code the labels to make it even easier to find what you need. In both the moving truck and your new house, you’ll have an easier time finding your items using this method. Fortunately, a number of vendors, including Walmart and Amazon, provide color-coded labels tagged with matching rooms. Multicolored tape may be used to make your own color-coding scheme. If you use yellow tape to designate the kitchen, use pink tape to fix the bedroom, and so on.

8. List the contents of each box

Make a list of the contents of each box as you load them. You’ll be able to keep track of what you’ve packed and what hasn’t and find what you’re looking for much easier this way. Itemized lists may be written for each numbered box by numbering the boxes. Inside or outside of the boxes, you can insert itemized lists by positioning them or taping them. For example, some companies in Dallas also have sales on moving supplies during the holidays so you can check them out.


A calendar and a red planer on a desk
When getting organized during a December move, remember to make a list of all your items.

When getting organized for a December move, remember to make a list of all your items.

9. Keep the phone numbers of all utility providers handy

When you move, do you need to terminate or transfer your utility services from your utility providers? Keep a record of each monthly service provider’s phone number in a safe place for future reference. Cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, garbage, and phone are all examples of utility options. You should save your phone numbers in a movable binder once you’ve gathered them all together.

10. Prepare a moving-day essentials kit when getting organized during a December move

Lastly, don’t forget to prepare your basic box or bag on moving day when getting organized during a December move. If you don’t have it, your relocation may not be as enjoyable as you had hoped for. We advise you to begin by creating a moving-day checklist so that nothing significant slips your mind at the last minute. Medical supplies, personal hygiene items like soap and toothpaste, a spare pair of clothing, IDs and credit cards, and critical papers like birth certificates and divorce decrees are just some items that should be included in an emergency supply box.